Plan Design Consulting

Retirement plans exist for the general purpose of helping people retire comfortably. Beyond that however, plan goals can vary widely but, a poorly designed or executed plan may make the goal harder, or impossible, to reach. An effective retirement plan begins with sound plan design strategy and grows with attentive execution. Design elements impact every aspect of a plan from investments and record-keeping to compliance and communication. In our experience, one overlooked design flaw at the outset can cause unnecessary difficulties later.

Have senior executives ever had to take a refund? Have the eligibility requirements for the retirement plan ever been mixed up with the eligibility requirements for the health plan? Some other plan provisions that could result in poor plan performance:

  • Investment selection
  • Flow and types of contributions into the plan
  • Vesting schedules
  • Loans and Hardships
  • QDROs

Additionally, past legislation has mandated that plan provisions be changed and future legislation will continue to make these demands. Employers are finding it more difficult go it alone. It is very important to partner with a fiduciary advisor who can review your plan and continue to watch it on an ongoing basis. 

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