Investment Analysis and Monitoring

Ironwood Retirement Plan Consultants will work with your investment committee to assist you in developing an Investment Policy Statement which will guide all future investment decisions. As a plan sponsor you are responsible to establish and maintain an adequate investment list. This is a time consuming task that must be done on a regular basis and if not done properly could result in punitive litigation.

Ironwood Retirement Plan Consultants uses a comprehensive investment analysis and monitoring process called Scorecardsm System. With this system over 20,000 funds can be analyzed to be sure that your new or existing investment menu is diversified, well managed, and meets the stated objectives of your Investment Policy Statement. 

Trust that your investment review will run smoothly. You will know exactly where your investments rank based upon the 1 to 10 pass/fail scoring system. Comprehensive reports and our monthly sponsor newsletters will keep you well-informed and current on industry trends and legislative developments. 

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